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FIR Group, leader in design and development of custom motors

FIR offers a wide range of motion feedbacks customized to control the motor in your specific application. Hall sensor

Magnets can be inserted directly into the motor’s winding, which provides the motor’s speed feedback. By installing more than one sensor, it is possible to determine the motor sense of rotation.


  • AC motors

Tracho Generator
Provides speed feedback - can also be used as a resolver. Tracho Generators can also monitor rotor positions and are used in brushless motor applications.

Controls motor speeds in both three phase and single phase motors. It is to be used in AC motor applications

Soft Start Switch
Controls motor speed in transitory phase and provides the unit a gentle start. It can be mounted on either the board that houses the motor or on a separate location on the machine. It is to be used in AC motor-pump applications.