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FIR Group, leader in design and development of custom motors

FIR can provide components for various mobility products, including scooters, buses and forklifts. From the electronic Interactive Control Panel, all the way down to the direct drive brushless motor inside the rear wheel hub, FIR can supply all your component needs.

Electric Bike


  • Brushless HUB motor
  • Driver

Hybrid/Electric Scooter

  • HUB motor (Synchronous Reluctance Motor)
  • Driver Development

Electric Scooter

  • Brushless HUB motor
  • Driver
  • BMS

Electric Forklift or Electric Car


  • Motor Development
  • Electronic Development

Electric Forklift

  • Three-phase AC motor
  • Inverter

Electric Bus


  • Axle Electric Motor
  • Power up to 80kW